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Yair Libling Shvartz is a NY based, Belgian-raised, Israeli-born writer/director of award-winning short films “Life is No Joke” and “Bert’s Plan.” His debut short, “Bert’s Plan” received the prestigious Golden Eagle prize from CINE, placing him in the footfalls of past honorees such as Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese. Shvartz is the author of four feature-length screenplays and a graduate of the New York Film Academy, where he earned his Masters degree honing skills behind the camera and developing a penchant for dark comedy, offbeat characters and zany situations. His work has screened internationally and he’s known for his thematic explorations of life, death, religion and philosophy.

Official Selection

  • Manhattan Film Festival

  • The Big Apple Film Festival

  • Louisville's International Festival of Film.


  • CINE’s Golden Eagle

  • Silver Palm at Mexico International Film Festival 

  • Van Gogh award at Amsterdam International Film Festival 

Bert's Plan

Official Selection

  • 17th L.A Short film Fest

  • U.S.A Film Festival

Life is No Joke

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